Company Turnarounds

Staff are available to come into a company, either in an executive or advisory role and put in place processes and changes to help make companies perform better.

Our executives have carried out such tasks in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman as well as in the UK and have experience in all sizes of businesses. They have the ability to take control of the business and lead it, before handing over to a planned successor or to act as advisors on a project by project basis.

IT Systems

We have experience in working with a number of rental & leasing systems and can review them from a suitability point of view. We work closely with a number of companies and are happy to recommend which ones we feel would meet your needs.

In addition we can review your company’s usage of its system and advise on ways to improve the efficiency. This ability comes from the fact that the members of our team have worked with a number of systems on a worldwide basis and know just what a properly implemented good system along with the correct business processes can bring to a company.


As the fleet makes up by far the biggest element of costs in a P&L, this is probably the single most important area that we specialise in. We cover all areas: purchasing, disposal, fleet systems, maintenance, body repairs, fleet audit processes, systems for traffic and parking fines, billing of toll systems, etc.


Large savings can be made in this area, especially if the lessons learnt from some Western countries are applied to the local market. In addition, we can advise on the best way to handle body repairs and treatment of written off vehicles.

We are also well experienced in setting up offshore insurance companies within the region, which can be very advantageous to medium and large sized rental and leasing companies.

Customer Service

This area can give tremendous impacts on the revenue earned in the business and hence on profitability, and the return on investment is one of the highest in this type of business. Our services range from ‘mystery customer’ audits and feedback with recommendations to implementation of new customer service programmes. We work with a number of training development companies who have great expertise in the rental industry and can help you find the right one to assist in the growth of your business.


With many years of experience in creating marketing programmes as well as short term campaigns, we can advise on what is best for your business. In addition, we have multiple contacts with specialist agencies, events companies, PR agencies, branding companies, research specialists and many others.

We also have experience in CRM system implementation, call centre set ups, point of sales campaigns and internet and social media programs. These are all major growth areas in the Middle East and are generally under utilised still.


We are very experienced with rebranding projects. In addition we can give advice and make contact with those international brands who wish to partner with local companies. This can take the form of a pure franchise or at the other end of the spectrum acting as a ‘white label’ supplier to some of the international car hire brokers.

We also have contacts with designers, shop fitters and signage specialists in most of the Gulf countries.

Sales Programmes

This area is one that, in our experience, is usually under developed by regional businesses. There are a great number of sophisticated sales techniques available and we work with a number of specialists in this field. These range from research, sales systems and most importantly sales training for all levels. This training covers not only sales people going out to customers but also frontline customer service personnel and call centre staff, as well looking at other personnel who interact with customers such as credit collectors and service centre personnel.

We work closely with a number of specialist CRM agencies and have seen some incredible results from their programmes.

Audit Programmes

We can audit your business for you from a business point of view. Audits include customer service, image, inventory control, fleet quality, operational efficiency and many other areas.

In addition, we can help you set up audit programmes to introduce into your business.

Market Survey

We are able to carry out a number of different types of survey. These range from complete market intelligence report to surveys on specific companies. Our clients range from new entrance to the market, as well as major international brands.

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